Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The beginning...

Ok, so I really have no idea about this blogging thing but I have a lot of info. in my computer and my brain and why not share it right? Everyone else is! Maybe if I braindump everyone once in a while I'll get some sleep. HA! Perhaps I should have thought of that before having two kids.

Which brings me to some of what will be the main focus of this blog...Parenting. What a job!!!! There is so much to do to protect your kids and I am scared that there is so much that parents don't know they need to be protecting their kids from. And not just kids but ourselves and other loved ones. To me, informed = healthy = happy and everyone should = happy.

Yes I'm a treehugger, yes I'm maybe a little more than anal about the food my family eats, the toys my kids play with and the air that my family breathes. But isn't that my job?

I also know that you can't be good all the time. This is my quest to find balacne and to be a "mostly green mama"..... help me and I'll help you.